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Red Light Therapeutic

Small Pad

Small Pad

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Our Small pads measure 16"x8" and are the perfect size for home, personal, office, or travel use. 

An elastic/velcro strap is included to hold the pad in place.

All of our products feature the highest led concentration and power currently available on the market.

Each point of red light you see features one 660nm visible red light, and two 850nm near-infrared emitters.

The large easy to read controller allows the selection of:

Treatment time - ∞, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, or 5min

Treatment intensity - Level 5 - 1

Wavelength - All, 660nm, 850nm

    Our pads also feature an integrated PVC layer for easy cleanup, and protection from surface moisture.*

    Rated Power Output - 50W

    Irradiance - 100mW/cm²

    Led Type – 5050SMD

    Led Quantity - 120pcs X 3 Emitters

    660nm Red Emitters - 120pcs

    850nm Near Infrared Emitters - 240pcs

    Size - 40x20cm / ~16x8inch

    Input Voltage - AC85-265V

    Input Power - 20W

    EMF - 0(ϵ)

    Warranty - 1 Year*

    * Pads are not fully waterproof - Please see warranty page for more information
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